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Patricia Carragon loves cupcakes, chocolate, cats, and haiku. She is an avid writer of short stories, prose, and poetry. Angel Fire is her debut novel. She has been widely published online and in print. Her recent publications include The Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry, Alien Buddha Press, Bear Creek Haiku, BigCityLit, Bluepepper Blogspot, Concrete Mist Press, First Literary Review-East, Indolent Books, Jerry Jazz Musician, Live Mag!, Madness Muse Press, The New Verse News, North of Oxford, Panoplyzine, Paterson Review, Poets Wear Prada, Oddball Magazine, Orbis International Literary Journal, Silver Birch Press, Spectrum Publishing, et al. Her fiction piece "What Has to Happen Next" has been nominated for Sundress Publications Annual Best of the Net and her poem "Paris the Beautiful" won Poem of the Week from great weather for MEDIA. Her latest books from Poets Wear Prada are Meowku and The Cupcake Chronicles, and Innocence from Finishing Line Press. Her first book of poems is Journey to the Center of My Mind from Rogue Scholars Press, followed by Urban Haiku and More from Grace Fierce Press. She is presently working on her second novel What Hasn't Happened Next, a music-inspired poetry manuscript Stranger on the Shore, and another cat haiku chapbook. Patricia hosts the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets Reading Series and is editor-in-chief of its annual anthology. She is an executive editor for Home Planet News Online. Patricia lives in Brooklyn, N.Y.https://patriciacarragon8.wordpress.com/

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She's in several anthologies:

Pa'Lante a la Luz/ Charge into the LightThe Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza (2018 Anthology Rogue Scholars Press, 2018)

The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, Book Seven, 2018

Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine, and Spirits Poetry (Concrete Wolf Press, 2018)

The Mom Egg Review, Vol. #15 (New York: Half Shell Press, 2017, ed. Marjorie Tessler) 

 One Hundred Voices, Vol. II (Centum Press, 2017)

Palabras Luminosas, Luminous Words, The 22nd Annual Alternative New Years Day Spoken Word Extravaganza Anthology (Rogue Scholars Press, 2016)

Shadow of the Geode, The Alternative New Year’s Day Spoke Word/ Performance Extravaganza Anthology, edited by C.D. Johnson, Rogue Scholars Press, 2015

The Venetian Hour, Dinner with the Muse-Vol. II, edited by Evie Ivy, Ra Rays Press, 2014

Estrellas en El Fuego, The Alternative New Year’s Day Spoke Word/ Performance Extravaganza Anthology, edited by C.D. Johnson, Rogue Scholars Press, 2014

Recession Depression and Economic Reflection: Poetry of the Economic Crisis, edited by James P. Wagnr, Local Gems Press, 2014

Sounds of Solace, Meditative Verse, edited by Nick Hale, Local Gems Press, 2013

Retail Woes: Poetry From Both Sides of The Counter, edited by Nick Hale and Jullian Roath, Local Gems Press, 2013

Employees Only - The Work Book, edited by Chris Boder, Poet Plant Press, 2012

Writing Outside The Lines, edited by Peter V. Dugan and Tammy Nuzzo-Morgon, Wylde Syde Press, 2012

The Unbearables Big Book of Sex, edited by Ron Kolm, Carol Wierzbicki, Jim Feast, Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo, Shalom Neuman, Atonomedia/Unbearable Books, 2011

The Mom Egg, Vol 9, Edited by Marjorie Tesser, Half-Shell Press, 2011

How Dirty Girls Get Clean: An Anthology of Wicked Woman Writes, Art and Subversive Scholarship, edited by Rene Diedrich, Art Soldier Free Press, 2011

The New Poetry - In Loveedited by Nicki Jones, Copeland Books, 2009

Dinner With the Muse, The Anthology of the Green Pavilion Poetry Event, edited by Evie Ivy, Ra Rays Press, 2009

The Best of Stain, Vol. 1, Winter 08-09, edited by Janice Brabaw, Tangled Up In Blue, 2009


The Battered Suitcase, Vol. 1, Issue 5, Vagabondage Press, October 2008 

Expressions Poetry Anthology: Poets from Around the World, edited by Deborah Simpson, Lulu (Printer), 2008

The Hay(Na)Ku Anthology, Vol. II, edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young, Meritage Press, 2008

The Spam Poetry Game: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, edited by Cecil Touchon, Ontological Museum Publications, 2008 

South by Southeast, Haiku and Haiku Arts, Volume 15 Number 2

South by Southeast, Haiku and Haiku Arts, Volume 15 Number 3

South by Southeast, Haiku and Haiku Arts, Volume 16 Number 3

The Yuki Teikei Haiku Society, South by Southeast, vol.15 #2 and #3,  

The Ice Road Poems, edited by Phil Linz, Fierce Grace Press, 2007

Patricia has featured at numerous venues including Bright Hill Press, Unnamable Books, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the Telephone Bar, KGB Bar, the Galapagos Art Space, The Huntington Poetry Barn (Huntington, NY), The Colony Arts Center (Woodstock, NY), Robin's Bookstore (Philadelphia, PA), Poets and Angels Reading Series (East Brunswick, NJ), The Carrozini von Buhler Gallery, the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, The Cornelia Street Cafe, the Phoenix Reading Series, the Bowery Poetry Club, A Gathering of the Tribes, Bluestockings Bookstore, the Saturn Series, the Moroccan Star, Stark!!! and the Back Fence.

In 2006, Christine Leahy from the Park Slope Reader interviewed her. In 2008, she was interviewed by Louis Reyes Rivera on WBAI's Perspective on September 3 with Juanita Torrence-Thompson and Vivian Warfield. Patricia and several of her "Brownstoners" (Evie Ivy, Linda Lerner, Obsidian, Richard Fein and Peter Chelnik accompanied by saxiphonist Bob Feldman) were interviewed on Anne Cammon Fiero's Studio A Radio Series - WKCR 89.9 FM - Columbia University, which aired on December 13, 2009. Patricia was part of David Morneau's Love Songs CD in 2013, along with Austin Alexis, Iris Berman,Ana Bozicevic, Anne Fiero, George Held, Cindy Hochman, Roxanne Hoffman, Evie Ivy, and Susan Maurer. In 2013, she was one of the 3 muses in David Francis' indie flick, Village Folksinger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njU2DWEEu5I.

Since 2005, She hosts and curates the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets, formally the Park Slope Poetry Society, at the Park Plaza Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights and is the editor-in chief of the annual Brownstone Poets Anthology. She was one of the hosts for the SOS ABC NO RIO Sunday Open Series on the Lower East Side.  She is proud resident of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

For Patricia, poetry allows the imagination to guide the hand in writing down the voice from within. Poetry is a safe flight into her darkest moments and other forbidden territories with her at the controls. By using words on paper, they become puppets. Through these puppets, she can express any deep-rooted fear or desire without submitting herself to embarrassing conversation. She prefers to get things down on paper as a catharsis for the soul. These emotions and ideas, whether they are dark or light are beautified and the afterimages that they produce are rewarding and uplifting. Please share her experience and take a journey to where the intelligence of the heart can contemplate the complexities of the mind.

By the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge