Saturday, February 23, 2013

No Reading Saturday, March 2 at Park Plaza Restaurant

Dear Poetry Peeps,

There will be no reading on Saturday, March 2 at Park Plaza Restaurant.  I need time to work on the Brownstone Poets 2013 Anthology and get it into shape for my editorial staff, Cindy Hochman, Karen Neuberg, and Brenda Gannam to polish it up.  The Park Plaza Readings will return Saturday, April 6 with Maria Chisolm and Marilyn Thomas King.

We have 66 contributors. There are special sections and more photos.  Dennis Nurkse is our Guest Poet. Marianne Moore is our Brooklyn Poet from the past. The poetry and lives of 2012 Brownstone Poets Anthology Contributors Brant Lyon, Iris Berman, and Elizabeth Harrington, will be remembered in a special memorial section.  Their words will live on.

I promise that the finished product will be worth the wait.  I plan to publish by May 2013.

Karen Neuberg's beautiful photo of the Brooklyn Bridge will grace the cover:


Yours in Poetry,

Patricia Carragon
Curator, Editor-in Chief
Brownstone Poets

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