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Review For Leigh Harrison's Finding Sermons in Stones

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Book Review for Leigh Harrison’s Finding Sermons in Stones (WordCrew Publications, 2011, New York), ISBN # 978-0-9838417-0-8 32pp.

Leigh Harrison is an artiste of diverse talent who infuses her singer-songwriter flare with her love for metric and syllabic poetry.  In her latest book, Finding Sermons in Stones, we enter her garden of twenty-three poems and allow our senses and inner-sense to read along with our eyes.  We learn to release our inner tension though her verbal yoga and let go of the conflicts and over-stimulation of the hi-tech world.  We meditate on her words, stretch our sensibilities, release the toxins, and breathe. The theme of her poetry is summed up in the title of her book, inspired by this quote from Shakespeare's As You Like It (II:i):

And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones and good in everything . . . .

There is beauty in life.  There is a peaceful harmony ensconced in the seasons.  Within the hostility of life, there is redemption, and life is good.  Ms. Harrison’s words walk along a higher path.  Her words strip the burden of negativity.  We are released from the hectic pace, allow ourselves to slow down, walk in nature’s shoes, and be more in tune with our surroundings and ourselves.

She begins with the season of birth, SPRING. 

First, shy crocus
peeks from frozen earth,
pale violet petals
edged in white

We experience the burgeoning moments associated with this season and her words are exhilarating:

Then satin daffodils,
lemon-yellow narcissus,
soft as butterfly wings,
stately as parading trumpets

In WEEDS, even the “humble” weed deserves reverence and is not overlooked by the author:

Fiddlehead fern and burdock,
dandelion, Queen Anne’s lace,
each beneath the hazy sun
would turn its humble face.

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