Monday, September 17, 2012

Publications and Reviews

I'm behind on a lot of stuff since my move to Flushing and dealing with health issues with my mom, so here it goes:

1-Baby Bump is up on Sketchbook’s Haiku Thread for May/June Editor’s Choice:

along with poems from John Daleiden and others.

2-MÖBIUS, The Poetry Magazine accepted my poem Network for the 30th Anniversary issue.

3-First Literary Review-East posted Open Space for the September 2012 issue along with poems from Bob Heman, Lyn Lifshin, Ann Shalaski, Ed Stever, Maria Jacketti, Charles Pierre, BJ Muirhead, Linda Simone, Edi Holley, Michael Ceraolo, Sharon Anderson, Bill Glose, George Held, Mary Orovan, Eve Packer, Hope Koppelman, Angelo Verga, and Erika Dagnino. 

4-My book reviews for Jason Schneiderman’s Striking Surface and Juanita Torrence-Thompson’s Talking With Stanley Kunitz are up on Gently Read Literature’s Summer Edition.  Wonderful books worth checking out!

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