Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Manhattanhenge - The Sunset Along the East/West Grid of Manhattan


Speaking of sunsets, you can't beat a free show that was best seen along 42nd Street. Because of the grid system that dates back to 1811, we watched the sun sink between the skyscrapers. This was our Stonehenge. Had the grid been designed to align exactly north/south, we would have had Manhattanhenge on the first day of spring and fall.  But due to Manhattan's grid rotation of 29 degrees east, Manhattanhenge can only happen around the summer solstice. 

An impromptu shower sent us under awnings along Times Square.  Fortunately, the shower came and went.  I, and other sunset enthusiasts, headed to 6th Avenue near Bryant Park for a better view.  We dodged traffic and endured blinding sunrays while others took a brief, curious interest.  Yet most New Yorkers were oblivious to the spectacle.  Just before 8:25 p.m., the sun rapidly disappeared between the canyons of Manhattan as cameras clicked awayup to the final moment.  And then it was over.  

      a sunlit ball 
      drops between the skyscrapers

--Patricia Carragon ©July 2011
Near 8th Avenue along 42nd Street after the rain stopped
Pre-Manhattanhenge along 42nd Street NW corner near Bryant Park

Manhattanhenge (iPhone Photo)

Manhattanhenge (iPhone Photo)

Manhattanhenge (iPhone Photo)

Manhattanhenge (iPhone Photo)


Goodbye Sun!


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