Saturday, March 11, 2017

Carragon Publication News : Bear Creak Haiku and The Mom Egg

March Publication News:

Bear Creek Haiku:

Thank you ayaz naryl nielsen of Bear Creek Haiku for posting my haiku online for March 7, 2017, #139.

I share the space with poets, Joy Leftow, Carl Mayfield, t kilgore splake, Don Wentworth, and artists RexSexton and Paula Yup.

like tombstones
the rocks remember
each flower that died  
By Paula Yup

a praia dorme
         a maré, um corbertor
                   a lua assiste

the beach sleeps
         the tide, a blanket
                    the moon watches

         behind Brooklyn Bridge
         walls of gray mist hide skyline
         delusional rain

 Chanukah candles
 8 days of light
 defeat the darkness

              Patricia Carragon
              Brooklyn  New York

The Mom Egg Issue 15

The Mom Egg Volume 15 arrived this month. My fiction piece, "The Snake Pit Night," is in it. It's a story about what happens to my mommy back on 12/12/12. It finally got published after she died.

It's in the "Mother Night" section. Thank you Marjorie Altman Tesser for publishing my work.

Some shoutouts to Eve Packer, Tsaurah Litzky,  Keisha-Gaye Anderson, and Pamela Laskin.

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