Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year--Origami Poems Project and Catku on Bear Creek Haiku

Happy Leap Year
Origami Poems Project and Catku News 
from Bear Creek Haiku

Origami Poems Project, and, catku by Patricia Carragon!

Check out Ayaz Daryl Nielsen's new chapbook"Proof of Love," from Origami Poems Project

and my catku below:

sleeping kittens
on the bed
fur ball quilt

the cat leaves a Christmas present 
in the litter box
the scent of shit happening

Brooklyn felines  
                comes with the territory

behind iron gates
         an ornamental cat rests
                  casting its shadow
                           on a graden rock
                           nearby houses protected
                                            by concrete lions

kitty rubs
against your legs
         free massage

                                feline companions
                                cat ladies anonymous
                                men need not apply

          eyes of the cat witch
          hypnotize her devotees
          cuteness wins more treats     

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