Sunday, February 14, 2016

February Publication news--Bear Creek Haiku

Thank you Frosty and Tama

Some good news from Bear Creek Haiku:

a sneak preview from the upcoming Issue #132:

I share the page with 

Bijay Kant Dubey, Peggy Dugan French, Dennis Rhodes, Don Wentworth, Steve Ausherman and normal

Enjoy my poems here:

eyes of the cat witch
hypnotize her devotees
cuteness wins more treats
              the cat leaves a Christmas present
              in the litter box
              the scent of shit happening

=^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^= =^:^=

From Issue #131:

I share the page with 
Jo Balistreri, Alan Catlin, Chase, Lone Crow, Sarah de Oliveira Passarella, Dennis E. Donham, Antuérpio Pettersen Filho, Peggy Dugan French, Joanna Sue Haymart, George Held, Judith Partin-Nielsen, James B. Peters, Cathy Porter, Dennis Rhodes, Toma Rosen, Dennis Salech, Jane Stuart, G. M. H. Thompson, Brian K. Turner, P. L. Wick, Yates Young, Paula Yup, Savor, Ajša Zahirović

Enjoy my poems here:

firefly light show
donkey cart planter
going nowhere
feathered troubadours
outside my window
          sunrise serenade
morning hello
maple leaves tap 
against my window
tuxedo kitten
    climbs the chain-link fence
              makes that Olympian leap
sweet and ripe
enough to eat
the melon's scent
tails of tomcats
territorial showdown
Brooklyn howl
(for Evy Ivy)
shades of green
       in the sunlight
                 my tree knows Lorca

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