Friday, July 3, 2015

July Featured Poem For The Peregrine Muse-Treasure?

Susan Seddon-Boulet, Artist (snippet from a painting)

Happy to share more good news from The Peregrine Muse

"Treasure?"  is the featured poem for July 2015 via David Evans, Feature Editor

Patricia Carragon


What can be said of something
Buried in this nameless alley,
When it was once treasured,
Given out of love?
Or can love be measured,
When the past is rejected -
Sleeps in filth, alone and neglected?
What can be said of a memory

When it was there to serve its owner?

Was it witness to sadness or happiness?

Was it cherished for its unique design

Or did it lose its value under duress,

When time grew tired of its use

And dumped it out of casual abuse?
What can be said of myself

Seen within this ragged treasure?

Am I a common thread, forgotten,

Inside seams and buttonholes,

With memories stale and rotten -

Or a recycled life waiting to begin

Within washed and mended skin?

©  All work is copyrighted. 
Feature Editor: David Evans

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