Thursday, July 16, 2015

Haiku Publication News

BEAR CREEK HAIKU #127, June 22, 2015:

Happy that I have 5 Haiku in the latest Bear Creek Haiku #127.

I share the honors with:

sheree mancici brown, floyd cheung, lysa collins,
michael conner, lonecrow, deborah h doolittle,
peggy dugan french, james d fusion, joan mariegiusto, george held,
stephanie hiteshew, loisbatchelor howard, jeff ingram, carl mayfield,
charlie mehrhoff, karlalinn merrifield, michaell newell, normal, 
nola obee, karren o'leary, s l peeran, james b peters,
teresinka pereira, toma rosen, t kilgore splake, jane stuart, 
tseten madison sun, p l wick, and, paula yup!

My haiku in the booklet are:

under brooklyn el
avian sanctuary
urban birdsong
under Brooklyn sun
my hair gets copper highlights
treetops airbrushed red
outside Brooklyn homes
silent roars from stone lions
March winds growl and hiss
like dervishes
seedpods glide
off trees
*topaz sunlight 
the storefront cat 
makes eye contact
*(first published in First Literary Review-East, November 2013)


THE WEEKLY AVOCET #135, July 15, 2015

bathe sandaled feet
morning mist

In this issue with Bob Moore, Joyce Joslin Lorenson, Lynn P. Elwell, Charles H. Harper, Sue Lewis,
Sara McNulty, Mark, Charles Portolano

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