Sunday, June 28, 2015

Photos from the First Brownstone Poets 2014 Anthology at Park Plaza Restaurant

Pictures from the First Reading of the Brownstone Poets 2014 Anthology Reading at Park Plaza Restaurant on February 28, 2015.  Sorry for the delay in posting.  Needed to get my new Macbook first.
Patricia Carragon and Cindy Hochman

Patricia Carragon and Karen Neuberg

Brenda J. Gannan and Patricia Carragon

Patricia Carragon

Patricia Carragon

Patricia Carragon

Linda Lerner, Brenda J. Gannam, Karen Neuberg

Linda Lerner

Linda Lerner

Sarah Sarai

David Francis

Susan Maurer, Kal Lindenberg, Erica Mapp

Ron Kolm and Ptr Kozlowski

Maria Chisolm

Boni Joi and Tobi Joi

Demetrius Daniel and Tina Chan

Kristin Robie and David Elsasser

Elliot Abosh

Rosalie Calabrese and Yuyutsu Sharma

Erica Mapp

Patricia Carragon and Yuyutsu Sharma

Patricia Carragon and David Austell

Ptr Kozlowski

Ptr Kozlowski

Yuyutsu Sharma and David Austell

Carmel Curtis (her photo graces the cover)

Carmel Curtis

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