Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Boog City 100 is now online!

Thrilled to be one of the Poetry Peeps in this issue.  My prose piece, "Film Noir," found a home.

The online pdf of Boog City 100!! is now available. You can read it at:


Boog City 100

Ford Crull

Summer Screenings Around the Town

Cinematic Rock from The First Law

Austin Alexis
Patricia Carragon
James Harvey
Bob Heman
Bob McNeil
Hilary Sideris
Tantra Zawadi

The Fearlessness of Flying Guillotine Press

Vision, Risk, and Collaboration at Noemi Press

Beach Poets Reading Beach Books

To Capture Beauty: New Egyptian Poetry

Atelier Spatial America Rises from the Ashes of Special America

Yakovlev’s Under the Sea


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Poetry Submission Guidelines:

Email subs to Buck Downs, poetry editor, to poetry@boogcity.com, with no more than five poems, all in one attached file with “My Name Submission” in the subject line and as the name of the file,

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