Monday, April 27, 2015

The Brownstone Poets 2015 Anthology is Here and at Poets House!

The Brownstone Poets 2015 Anthology 
is Here and at Poets House!

(collage cover design by Bob Heman)

Thanks to my editorial staff (Cindy Hochman, Amy Barone, Brenda J. Gannam, and Karen Neuberg) for their tireless teamwork in making this project happen.  Couldn't do CreateSpace this year, but once I purchase a new MacBook, I will definitely check this out for next year's issue with DuEwa Frazier's guidance.
Inside this issue:  
A spread dedicated to Brant Lyon  
A spread dedicated to Special Guest Poet and Dancer Friend, Max Nemerovsky
A section dedicated to the memory of our beloved poet and friend, Bob Hart
Plenty of photos to delight 
Poetry from the following contributors:
Alessandra Francesca                                                          
Amy Barone
Anoek Van Praag 
Austin Alexis                                                                     
Babette Albin                                                                       
Baron James Ashanti                                                            
Bernard Block                                                                      
Bill Pyles                                                                           
Bob Heman                                                                         
Brenda J. Gannam                                                               
Cindy Hochman                                                                   
David B. Austell                                                                  
David McLoghlin                                                                
Demetrius Daniel                                                                
Diane Block                                                                       
DuEwa Frazier                                                                     
Edi Holley                                                                           
Elliot Abosh                                                                                 
Elyzsabeth Ahne                                                                
Erica Mapp                                                                       
Erika Dagnino                                                                   
Ernest K. Woodley                                                                        
Evie Ivy                                                                             
Gordon Gilbert                                                                 
James McMenamin                                                             
Jane Ormerod
Jay Chollick                                                                         
John A. Todras                                                                   
John J. Trause                                                                     
Joseph Charles Rebis Jr.                                                       
Karen Neuberg                                                                    
Linda Lerner                                                                      
Linda Rothstein                                                                    
Lorraine Conlin                                                                  
Madeline Artenberg                                                             
Mary Askin-Jencsik                                                             
Mireya Pérez                                                                       
Noel David Cohen                                                                
Patricia Carragon                                                                 
Patricia Spears Jones                                                            
Phillip Giambri                                                                   
Ptr Kozlowski                                                                     
Richard Fein                                                                        
Richard Loranger                                                                 
Ron Kolm                                                                           
Rosalie Calabrese                                                                
Su Polo                                                                               
Susan H. Maurer                                                                 
Tina Chan                                                                         
William Seaton                                                                    
Yuyutsu RD Sharma                                                             
Zev Torres                                                                        

Copies will be sold at the Brownstone Poets Readings and elsewhere later this Spring.  

$7 at the Brownstone Poets Readings.

$8 outside the Brownstone Poets Readings. 

Bookstore news to come!

Anthology readings to come in the Fall.

*Will be mailing copies to contributors who still didn't get their comp copies for 2013 and 2014 later in May.  Sorry to be behind due to my crazy hours at my former job, heavy duty foot surgery and recovery, and a bad winter.  

Some good news: Starting in May, I will be doing temp work.  :)    

Come see the Brownstone Poets Anthology and other awesome publications at the Annual Showcase at Poets House. 

Date and Time: 
June 25, 2015 (6 P.M.)
Event Location: 
Kray Hall
Free and open to the public

Please come to Poets House and enjoy the beauty and emotion that is poetry.  It is an honor to have the Brownstone Poets 2015 Anthology displayed at Poets House.

Poets House 10 River Terrace New York, NY 10282 

(212) 431-7920

Poets House Directions

SUBWAY Take the 1, 2, 3, A or C lines to Chambers Street Station. Walk west along Chambers and take a left at River Terrace. 

BUS The M22 runs along Chambers between North End Ave and the Lower East Side. The M20 travels from the Upper West Side and the southern tip of Battery Park City to North End Ave. The Downtown Connection, a free Lower Manhattan shuttle bus, travels to North End Ave from South Street Seaport and from Broadway along Murray Street; for more information, visit:

FERRY Monday through Friday, ferry riders
from New Jersey can travel via NY Waterway
and disembark at the Port Authority Ferry
Terminal at the World Financial Center and  
walk north to River Terrace.


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