Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More Avocet News

 More Avocet News

Hi Poets and Friends

Pleased to have more Avocet news to share (I’m behind on listing due to my heavy schedule of the Brownstone anthology publishing and other matters):

1- The Weekly Avocet #115, February 25, 2015
 I share space with George Held, Joan Vullo Obergh, Karla Linn Merrifield, Leslie Mills, Linda Taylor, Maggie Westland, Mac Greene, Charles Portolano.
against blue-gray sky
featherlike branches
wait for snow

2- The Weekly Avocet #122, April 15, 2015
I share space with Judy Wucherer, Irene Frick, Joan Kantor, Ellen Pickus, Joan Higuchi, Karla Linn Merrifield, Jean Moody, Charles Portolano.
outside Brooklyn homes
            silent roars from stone lions
                      April winds growl and hiss

3- The Avocet A Journal of Nature Poetry, Spring 2015

I share space with Tom Oleszczuk, Bill Carpenter, Carol A. Amato, Mac Greene, Michael Stone, Peter Leverich, M.C. Little, Charles Portolano, and more.

March morning
             -bright sky
                        -winter breeze
behind iron gates
            an ornamental cat rests            
                        casting its shadow
                                    on a garden rock
                                                nearby houses protected
                                                            by concrete lions
outside my window
oak trees too distant
to get personal

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