Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting the New Year Right-Publication News

Starting the New Year Right with Publication News:

1- South By Southeast Publications:

topaz sunlight
the storefront cat
makes eye contact

was just accepted for the Fall Issue Volume 20, # 3

surrounded by wind
I am not alone
on this corner

maple leaves
                    yellow with age

were published for the Summer Issue Volume 20, #2

2- Sounds of Solace Anthology (Local Gem Poetry Press) have selected
my haiku below:

red leaves
spin around me
during meditation

Zen on a park bench
I am no different than
the trees or bushes

check out "Sound of Solace" at

 3- "Michelin Madness" was published in Public Illumination Magazine's Vehicles, Issue #57, Late 2013 under my pseudonym, "Pattie Latke." 

4- "Model Call" was part of this amazing Rogue Scholars Press anthology, "Estrellas En El Fuego (Stars In The Fire) for The Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word/ Performance Extravaganza 2014 Anthology."

5- Three of my haiku are featured for January's Peregrine Muse:

Check them out at: 

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!

Pattie :)


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