Monday, January 21, 2013

Recent Haiku Publication News

Some Recent Haiku Publication News:

“The Year Ends, A Prayer For Peace,” was on Mankh’s Haiku du Jour for December 31, 2012

My haiku, “Prayers Cover The Earth” from the Allbook Book’s Haiku 2013 calendar was part of
Show #26“Winter Haiku Companion” (~44 min).  Tune in and enjoy Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) and his fascinating recitation of haiku from the masters to present day poets.

Happy that “Kerouac Kitty” is purring on First Literary Review-East for January, along with Sharon Gluck, Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia , Karen Jakubowski, Dr. David B. Axelrod, Lyn Lifshin, Nancy Sima, Dr. Peter K. Lynch, Ann Cefola, Joel Allegretti, Flash Rosenberg, Mary Orovan, Jeff Santosuosso, Peggy Landsman, Kate Boning Dickson, Margery Hauser, Edi Holley, Fred Yannantuono, Cecille D. Brant.  Kudos to Cindy Hochman and Karen Neuberg for another year of excellence.

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