Monday, April 2, 2012

Token Entry Release Party, Sunday April 15 at 4 p.m.

I will be one of the readers who will be celebrating the release of TOKEN ENTRY: New York Subway Poems (2012, Smalls Press, Gerry LaFemina, editor) along with many of the contributor poets. There will be a viewing of some of the Subway Series poem movies, and of course, the variety of Manitoba's good drinks. So come on down and party!

99 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

Sunday, April 15
4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

(212) 982-2511


L to 1st Avenue

F to 2nd Avenue

Congrats to the following contributors:

Cheryl Dumesnil
Tom C Hunley
Sebastian Matthews
David Wojahn
C.K. Williams
George Guida
George Wallace
Meredith Trede
Michael Waters
Hilary Sideris
Allen C. Fischer
Richard Fein
Marie-Elizabeth Mali
Alicia Ostriker
Anita Ytuarte Oelkers
Phillip Fried
Alessandra Lynch
Joseph O. Legaspi
Amy Lemmon
Rachel Zucker
Cynthia Toronto
Suzanne Parker
Illene Starger
Chase Twichell
Anne Pierson Wiese
Melinda Thomsen
Stephan Massimilla
Maria Terrone
Quitman Marshall
Stefanie Lipsey
Colette Inez
Aaron Smith
Ravi Shankar
Sybil Kollar
Myron Ernst
Maureen Seaton
Lee Kostrinsky
Susana H. Case
J. Allyn Rosser
Carl Rosenstock
Patrick Philips
Miranda Field
Elaine Sexton
Denise Duhamel
Daniela Gioseffi
Jeffrey McDaniel
Judy Kamilhior
Rosalie Calabrese
Phillip Dacey
Michele Battiste
George Held
Timothy Liu
Andrey Gritsman
Malena Morling
Joey Nicoletti
Monique Ferrell
Christine Timm
Frank Murphy
Vivian Shipley
Allison Joseph
Natalie Safir
Patricia Carragon
John Brehm
Edward Hirsch
Carly Sachs
Laura McCollough
Richard Levine
Joel Allegretti
Dean Kostos
Amy Holman
Billy Collins
Hayan Charara
Angelo Verga
Charles Bernstein
Sharon Balter
Rhina P. Espaillat
Cornelius Eady
Elizabeth Dolan
L.S. Asekoff
Jared Smith
Claude McKay
Paul Blackburn
Muriel Rukeyser
Grace Paley
Hart Crane
Langston Hughes
Maxwell Bodenheim

My poem, "Roller Coaster Train," is in this anthology.  Wahoo!

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