Tuesday, January 31, 2012

George Wallace reviews Urban Haiku and More in the Latest Big City Lit

A big shout out to George Wallace for his amazing review for my book, "Urban Haiku and More" in the latest issue of Big City Lit.

Here's an excerpt from the review:

In Urban Haiku and More, Patricia Carragon brings something else to the table. There's a kind of urbane wittiness to these works, by turns caustic, plaintive, engaging and abrupt — a kimono-clad harkening to Whitman's notion of the Barbaric Yawp.

This is poetry on the urban edge, haiku that attempts to straddle the wide gulf between New York City street smarts and the ineffable parlance of the zen moment. Often enough, it is compelling stuff.

Carragon is nothing if not in this world and of it, warts and all, delineating the painful truths as opposed to the transcendental. There are ample examples of her unflinching candor: Here's a couple "I douche my drain/With Drano/she/does hers/with Liquid-Plumr.' ' stained sheets/not from/your boyfriend's last visit.' Or this: 'love/decides to/take the subway//and gets screwed/in the/tunnel.' 

Haiku, Senruy, Hay(Na)Ku
and other Unrhymed Tercet Poetry
by Patricia Carragon

Fierce Grace Press, 2010; 52 pages; $7.00

 You can purchase Urban Haiku and More at:

St. Mark's Bookshop

31 Third Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets

New York, NY 10003

212 - 260-7853

 or buy them in person.  

Find a used copy at: 

P.S. Bookshop
 76 Front Street
 DUMBO, Brooklyn,NY 11201
 Phone# (718) 222-3340
 Take the F to York

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