Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shakespeare in Love

I'm honored to be part of this amazing project with so many fabulous poets

My poem, “Corneal Gates,” is included in David Morneau’s Shakespeare Sonnet/Song project and is paired with Sonnet 56 at

Please also check out these other poets at

Sonnet 8 / Music (Susan Maurer)
Sonnet 18 / In a Hot Country (Anne Cammon Fiero)
Sonnet 57 / The Affair That Turned Into a Poem (Cindy Hochman)
Sonnet 83 / Sketch (Austin Alexis)
Sonnet 102 / The Twenty-Four Hour Song (Ana Bozicevic)
Sonnet 109 / Crumpled Sonnet (Evie Ivy)
Sonnet 115 / Many Have Asked How We Stay Together (Roxanne Hoffman)
Sonnet 144 / I Wish (Iris Berman)
Sonnet 148 / Perspective (Karen Neuberg)
Sonnet 153 / Brand Name (George Held)

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