Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uptown in the Heights

It was a thrill to attend The Uptown Arts Stroll up in Washington Heights on June 3rd at the Hispanic Museum. Enjoyed the wine and those tasty snacks with a Latin twist. Guava on cheese... YUM!

Patricia Eakins was honored for her "Sunday Best Reading Series." Sadly, Patrizia fell victim to that horrible flu that I had back in April. Peter Martin, her husband, accepted the award for her.

First Photo: Fred Arcoleo

Second Photo: Fred Arcoleo on the left and Demetrius Daniel on the right. (Hey guys, who's that guy in the middle?)

Third and Fourth Photos: The Dancing Man (Edgar Cortes)

Fifth Photo: Peter Martin holding the award given for Patricia Eakins.

Sixth Photo: Me, Pattie Carragon

Last Photo: Su Polo, Fred Arcoleo and Pattie Carragon are in this last picture seen in the article, "Uptown Arts Stroll KIcks Off At Hispanic Society Of America And Audubon Terrace," in the Manhattan Times.

It was fun meeting Su Polo and uptowners Fred Arcoleo and Demetrius Daniel up in the Heights!〈=en


  1. These pictures are gorgeous, Pattie!! It was definitely a "Welcome, Summer" evening... : )

  2. Gracias Amigo. Who was that dude in the middle on photo 2?