Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Patricia's News

***Valentine’s Day Haiku Thread Editors Choice commentaries from John Daleiden and Karina Klesko:



***My short story, “The Fractured Peacock,” is up on Troubador 21.


***I’m honored and happy to be part of this list of fantastic poets and artists who were published in Three Rooms Press Publication of “Maintenant 4, A Journal of Contemporary DADA Writing and Art.”

Derek Adams

Jan Michael Alejandro

Claus Ankersen

John-Patrick Ayson

Joe Bacal

John M. Bennett

C L Bledsoe

Ryan Buynak

Mary Campbell

Jenna Cardinale

Peter Carlaftes

Patricia Carragon

Katherine Chronis

Roger Conover

Joie Cook

Yvon J. Cormier

Henry Deander


Sabra Embury

Georgia Luna Smith Faust

Becky Fawcett

Thomas Fucaloro

Kat Georges

Robert Gibbons

Charles Rice Goff

Geraldine Green

Henry Harvey

Karen Hildebrand

Matthew Hupert

Mary Leary

Paula Lietz

Brant Lyon

Diana Manister

Charlotte Mann

Peter Marra

Phiip Meersman

Ulrike Müller

Larry Myers

J.D. Nelson

Ronnie Norpel

Valery Oisteanu

Marc Olmstead

Puma Perl

Helen R. Peterson

BC Petrakos

Bob Quatrone

Misti Rainwater-Lites

Steve Random

Janet Restino

Michael Router

Sarah Sarai

Stephen Schmidt

Susan Scutti

William Seaton

Jackie Sheeler

David Smith

George Spencer

Damien Spleeters

Thomas Stolmar

Gene Tanta

Andrew Topel

John J. Trause

Justynn Tyme

Michelle Valdez

Russell Vidrick

George Wallace

Scott Wannberg

Lee Williams

Laura Winton

Bana Witt

Jeff Wright

Joanie Fritz Zosike

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